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We can’t wait for next Christmas!

I can’t wait for seeing how my laptop won’t explode when this web site explodes at zero =)

Spending the holidays with friends, family, and loved ones.

to have a good, happy, rich life. to live upto the expectations to my loved ones

i can wait for eryyyting.. i’m just so patient like thatt.

great idea for this site satish, i like

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Wanda Estudio de Comunicación being rich and famous… and spreading our obvious happiness to everybody.

To be fitter, richer and happier;
To love everyone who loves me every minute;

esta buenisimo navidad..
feliz naviidad para todos ustedes.


no puedo sperar para navidad porq es reelindo i la pasamos re bieeeen x)


Setting new year resolutions

saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to all my friends.

No puedes esperar a navidad?…

Si eres de los desesperados que espera con ansias el mejor día del año aquí te presentamos una aplicación web muy peculiar que cuanta las Horas, que faltan para este día. Es solo una curiosa aplicación

Nilesh to kick my ass in NBA Live

family, friends, and gifts.

1:my own house after my divorce
2: my new boyfriend to live with me

- the chance to see all my friends and share all that’s happened to me so far, being ‘away’ from home ;)
- the chance to spend some genuine time with my family
- the chance to sing Christmas Carols at church
- the chance to relax and take a nice *long* break from school and studying
-the chance to see everyone happy and joyful because of the holdays!

getting gifts and going on holidays… :)

cant wait :D need to see my family :P

I can’t wait to get a day off of work.

To go home and be with my family and my inlaws for more than two days :)

To get wasted with my friends that I havn’t seen for a good 6 months to even a year !! Woohoo christmas is coming !!! Do not despair everyone !

The day I find the “other half” of my life

I cant wait for Xmas because of the presents lol… :)

…..:)…..I can’t wait till Xmas Day…..First time in so many years, I have everyone sitting at the same table for Xmas Dinner. They are my sons - most importantly, their father, my parents…I just can’t wait!

…the opportunity to share more of the “Gifts” that we’ve all been given.

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feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo les desea posonty

To see the wife in the saucy undies I got her then give her one!

?? ???? ??????????? ??! :)

1. school to be over!!
2. food
3. family get togethers
4. more food =)

…all of my albums to be delivered to my wedding clients, so that I may finally take a vacation =)

It’s just so magical.

.. urmatoru an gogule… sa fie cu noroc !

Hasta las tetas de la puta Navidad

Christmas Next Year! Cos i get to spend it with my Sexy, Beautiful, Amazing, Kind, Giving Super duper fantastic Girlfriend.

With Amazering Eyes too!!


getting rid of all this stress! oh and spending time with those i care about =)


Can’t wait to: see the look on my nieces face when she unwraps the gift I got for her (a keyboard), to get my hands on my new mp3 player, to spend the day with my family and friends in the steaming Aussie summer and most of all, for it to be all be over!

I cant wait for the joy that christmas brings out in all of us, esp family :)

AND IPOD TOUCH hahahahah


Happy Christmas everyone!…

Bueno a todos una feliz navidad!!!!!

my Christmas shopping to be finished. Christmas shouldn’t be about rushing out to the malls for presents!

HAPPY Christmas for everyone ! ! !

sing carols with friends, give / recive gifts and to recive an distorson at my guitar

electric shaver, new slippers, digital camera…

I can’t wait to see my son face when he open the presents

I can’t wait to stay up late and sleep in all day, go Christmas shopping, see my friends and family, and most importantly get away from school.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Christmas is the most beautiful moment of the year. It is the day when Jesus Christ was born. Rejoice!

merry christmas to all

????? ???-?? ???!!! =)

the best day of the year!


I cant wait to get my wii and my 10 games for it including ledgend of zelda, my ps3 and my 15 games for it, my segway to zoom around in, my helicopter and flying lessons, our new house and the 300 acres to get lost in, my new puppy to play with and my family giving me £1,000,000 to spend in new york on my 14th birthday holiday :) :) :) can’t wait oh and i think my dad is giving me the yacht! yay!

Felicidades para todos, cuidemos el planeta por favor, por muchas navidades más!!

…a Happy Birthday for Jesus Christ.

Una suscripción por un año a la revista “Arte y Diseño”… y de pilón, una tableta digitalizadora… orale pues gordinflón… no sea tacaño…

I can’t wait to see my family and yours praying for Jesus on His birthday. Chistmas is not Santa’s day. Christmas is about Jesus. Son of God. It’s not about shop and recieve gifts only. Christmas is about to celebrate Jesus and his love for all mankind. Know Jesus. Give to Him your heart, your life. You’ll see the diference in your life. God bless you! And a happy new year!

cookies. lots of gourmet cookies….

Cuanto falata para el cumpleaños de la negrita

Felicidades, les deseo un buen año a todos.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) New Year’s Eve concert (rock on!) in the “Magic City” aka Birmingham, Alabama! Meeting fourteen other couples from the TSOYahoo discussion group with people driving and flying in from all over the US and Canada. :-)

cross country banquet, spending christmas eve at my dad’s with older cousins, guitar hero III, cousins from tennessee,then going yo my mom’s at one and staying till new years with my baby cousins from south carolina and grandparents who travel on a boat. clothes, digital camera. going back to my dad’s and seeing other grandparents on the 1st. back to school the 2nd. yay i get to see my friends

Spend time with my family: mom, dad, brother, sister.

See again my little cousins, lovely girls (.A. )

Here in Czech Repubilc, we have Christmas on 24th December, so one day less:D

I can’t wait for having my new Shoes… my first Converse btw !

Un pò di tranquillità… non per me, ma per il mio amore…

I want a boob job for Christmas, big old knockers out to here
It would make me proud to be endowed like the Playmate of the Year. I want a boob job for Christmas, make them big and make them wide. The only blimps as big as these say “Goodyear” on the side

Felicidades para todos, les deseo un muy buen 2008.


I can’t wait to give my presents to my friends. I am not christian, but I enjoy the time with my christian friends… Happy Christmass everyone!

the year to end so i can put the past years drama behind me, to find myself again and for me, my friends and my family to be truly happy again

Simplemente amor :) mucho amor

time to go backwards

never break up with my gf
never lose my job
never fight and send to hell my friends

I wish that i can pay all my debts on time and a car for my stay at home lovely wife so she can take our first timer Christmas baby girl out whenever she wants to. Woot.

- exams being over
- spending time with family and friends
- playing outside - skating, snowboarding (a first)
- donating to those less fortunate
- road trip

my daughter to have her first christmas

I can’t wait to see the amazing spirit of everyone during the holidays (all the love, generosity, and respect)..and wonder why we’re not like that 365 days a year

also, can’t wait for an awesome trip to niagara falls with family and my boyfriend =)

1. To pass the knowledge exam for the CHRP
2. To get a good job
3. To go to the HRPAO conference
4. New Year’s Eve!

This pointless war to be over and done.

Vacations!!! and Summer!!! (I live in Uruguay :P)

I can’t wait for Blogtrepreneur to be sold for $xx,000! Should make my Christmas holidays much more fun ;)

heloo ooti…christmas have already 10 days…fuchuuuuuuu

Rudoulph getting his revenge on Santa! http://www.brandsanta.com

Playing guitar hero until my fingers bleed! Yeah rock on! wooooo!!!

i can’t wait for a new laptop, PS3, XBox 360, 100000000000 new video game CDs, PSP, Wii, and chrismas presents!!!!!

Our new house to be decorated.




Getting stoned… till new year.

i cant wait for christmas to begin so i could hangout with other ppl and make them play boardgames with me.

Going back to California and getting some sun! And being around the people I love that love me. =)

spending time/cuddle/kiss with my girlfriend. cant wait to see her face when she opens her present and for the blue mountain trip!

taking a mini-vacation and going skiing far far away from the crowded city

eating a big fat juicy steak on New Year’s Eve. Oh yeah. And, also sharing that meal with the bestest husband on the earth.

My son, due on December 19th!

I Can’t for our Trip to BALI.. huaaa… surfing2.. Snorkling2.. Diving2.. hueuhe..

Best wishes for all of you all over the globe :)


Finish this year, and have a gooooood and loooooong vacation.
Xmas mean the start of all that :)

Seeing friends, getting drunk, dancing like a fool. Oh, and maybe some nice presents too.

I can’t wait to play whatever xbox game my other half has bought me, and to see her face when she opens her presents.

My daughter and her husband (and the puppy!) to come home on the 15th. She serves as a nurse in the Air Force in Colorado. And making family favorite foods-cream puffs, caramels!

Merry Xmas everyone! can’t wait to eat lechon baboy…

west and welaxation at wast!!!–(elmer fudded) and good grades of course!

to stay by the fire and look on the window at the snow flakes falling.

Getting my hands on the new 1.4 supercharge & turbocharge Volkswagen Golf GT! Please come sooner…

No war! :c)
PS:..and Merry Christmas & haaaappy new year <3 :c)

Happy X’mas to all ……..[:)]

Super super cute… how funny :D

Cant wait for the holidays needed badly.

new cute cats to born :)

i can’t wait for mariage

I can’t wait for Guy Kawasaki to change the world - by sharing the holiday love with it.

Exam to be over and two weeks break…. Partying with people.

My C09 exam to be over with and C40 for that matter :S I want Christmas NOW!?!?!

The look on my fiance’s face when she opens her gift.

New lens, camera and iPod Touch !!

my iPhone to be unlocked

presents! and just the suspense of christmas

cause it means I’m finished marking exams and can give my eyeballs a rest from the chicken scratch that equals students handwriting in the end of the first decade of the new millenium - OMG the trials and tribulations of the “keyboard generation”

- if you’re a student - hope you have a nice break

Pax Vo Biscum


Pouuuh euh hé bien, j’émets le souhait qu’un lapin et un ourson se retrouvent dans les bras l’un de l’autre et s’embraasent truffe contre truffe sous une salade aux joux roses.
j’aimerais aussi heuuuuu, voir les jours suivants avec tous ceux la là, même si on est à pas tout proche et puis, heum, huuuuuuum. Ah, oui, k’il y ait un sourire sur tous les visages là, ouais, ces visages la-ça ! lol ^^
Voilà, sa fait pas mal de choses, on va bosser dur pour que sa se concrétise !
Amen lol


Of course i cant wait to go to church for prayers and joyus singing, lalala. Oh and to get plenty of stuffing, good old paxo!


cant wait for another chance to prove myself

and beat the odds that beat me this time around

My family get together. When my family gets together they really get together, if you know what I mean. Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge.

Another Day In Paradise!

Renew my relationaship with Jesus (God).

shikha kasal to come back into my life!!!

Paxo sage and onion stuffing, the Doctor Who Christmas special, and all that other greatness besides!

Big screen tv, PS3, and CASH MONEY!!!

Our Family Gathering. And of course I can’t wait for tons of gifts and cash to come in.

grandma’s stuffing!

my exams to be over and done with ! tmr’s my last one =D thennnn .. can’t wait to move out, watching all the shows/dramas i’ve been saving up for the past few months, celebrate, partayyyy XDDD

yeah! Christmas = holiday :D

normally i would ask for presents but all i want is to meet with my friends from school lots! i miss them loads at since everyone has got to uni :(

p.s. also some computer gadgets would be good on top :P

Passing the first year of my school so that I can stay there.
Snowboarding in France in the 3rd week of January.
The new Prison Break episodes.

Reunion with a dear friend from another country whom I haven’t seen in 8 years.

“sic fan!” - eat rice!!

S?cak Videolar, Müzik Videolar?

TIME OFF WORK! and a week of pro evo!

aasman mein…..
lakhon taare…..

my not-so-surprise christmas gift…

iPod touch!

Work hard, Party Hard!

Roll it, Poke it, Light it and Smoke it!

Oh Yeah!!!

Steve Jobs’ January keynote :D

the food! and ofcourse to get some time off my work..

this year of my life to get over and hopefully start a better chapter in the next. preferably one where TheGirl is not away from me, my waist is below 38″ and people arent acting like animals and blaming God for making them spill innocent blood.

Getting out of this stinking state!

Oh yeah, and spending time with family :).

Appelsap is lekker

Christmas to come and get my behind back to my hometown and get STUFFED with lots of food! Oh… my… GOD! I love Christmas meals and all, but the PAAAARTEEEEE with friends will be great :D

* Spending time with family
* Giving presents to everyone
* Playing on my xbox 360
* Having 12 days off work
* Eating too much on Christmas Day!!!

cant wait till exams are finished!!!
snowboarding, new coat, all the gatherings/reunions with friends and family, see my sister, vacay, and snowball fights!

Downtime with family and friends! And hopefully some of my sister’s killer fudge…

- examz to be done
- skiing
- buba
- new years
- and gettin my wisdom teeth removed….woo hoo

company holiday party. looking forward to some great food and fun. oh yea. an open bar and a expensed hotel room to go with that open bar so I don’t have to drive home shitfaced.

I can’t wait (I’m sure like everyone else) for exams to be FINISHEDDDD!!!
I can’t wait to see my family and eat some GOOD food!
Unfortunately the 2 week holiday is not long enough for students!!!

Lots of snow everywhere but my driveway.

-”hoilday” party
-ruin georges x-box day with the boys
-west plam beach

Christmas in general! I love reading the Christmas story in the Bible . I can’t wait to give my beloved boyfriend his wonderful presents, and see the looks on my families faces when they open the presents that I got them!

waking up on Christmas morning at about 7:00, when normally I would like to sleep in, and running downstairs to the smell of my mom’s coffee, and the sight of presents!

a lot of civil war reenacting stuff

My Blue Underbodylights

Exams to be done so I can…
- Not stress
- Sleep in
- Spend time with family
- Drink with friends

Time with fam and lots of food.

[…] dude Verne Ho of Creative Briefing has created the awesomest idea I’ve seen in a long time, Can’t Wait For Christmas. Why is it awesome? Because he did it just because Christmas is cool. Go, read. Keep your Digg […]

good food
fuck school

The second ……… helping. Jesus can wait.

I Can’t wait till the clock above hits 00:00:00:00… wooohoooo

I can’t wait for a day with family. Play some games.


And, um, peace on Earth and stuff.

…a well deserved break and a full day of sleeeep.
…friends to get together/come back so we can go on adventures like little kids! lol or do crazy fun things like always.
…quality family time because we all grow up way toooo fast.
…and of course GIANORMOUS holiday dinners :D

…and maybe some presents too!

exams to finish and the celebrations to begin!

i want to ride my bycycle

actually, i want to play guitar hero 3

hang out with friends,

SEXY times =)

i wanna shop too….

and SKATING! =)

Christmas is too commercialized. Open your eyes, the only thing it does for us is boost up the economy temporarily. Even that comes at a price, a HEAVY one, approximately $4 BILLION in deadweight loss to consumers because of the difference people are willing to pay for items versus the price they should have paid. Come on, I am looking forward to the end of that day, and the beginning of a greater day - i.e. BOXING DAY! Let us rejoice on the marvelous savings Canada has to offer and/or go to the states and get it cheaper.

My massive relaunch! With a new template, and many more exciting things.

The actual holiday that we’re having on the holidays.

I’m depressed. I didn’t get into med school, I’m bored out of my mind, and I’m lonely as hell. I’m looking forward to Christmas to see my family, friends, and maybe get out of this rut.

I can’t wait to go home to clog another toilet

to go home and build and enhance my elf deck from magic the gathering so i can beat my roommates

I can’t wait for long conversations over a mug of hot chocolate…and not having to look at my computer for a few days…and music…and stuffing (mmm)…and seeing people’s reactions when they open their gifts…and Christmas eve service at my church…and a chance to renew my faith.

to go home and see my mom, dad, and brother again. It’s been nearly four full months since we’ve been able to sit down together as a family, and I can’t wait until we can be together again. Oh and friends! friends friend friends!
I can’t wait to see them again!

Nothing… Well um an Aritzia jacket and I just want true happiness for my family anf friends… and Matt’s child :)

I can’t wait for exams and school to be over. I can’t wait to go home annd sleep in my own bed and eat my parens food. I can’t wait to see all my friends and family who i haven’t seen in a long time. And i can’t wait to open presents, sing carols, and get kissed under mistletoe.

- Parties!
- Movies!

And… just doing whatever I want, when I want :).

Anything really. I just love getting gifts and going on holidays, and etc.

1) Holiday feast!
2) Long-awaited time off chill, sleep, party, sleep, recuperate, sleep, get a head start for 08, sleep
3) New job in 08 (Thanks Satish)

making and eating Christmas dinners with the ones I love! :)

Going to Mexico with my mom and my sisters. And seeing all of my friends after a semester of college. And NOT STUMBLING for a month and a half because I’ll have something better to do. Actually that’s the biggest one. Stumble you have ruined my life. :(

christmas season is venti non fat light whip peppermint mocha season, that’s what i wait for every year :)

the world to be a better place. To make sure nobody goes hungry.

Closer home I can’t wait for the 10 day vacation.

Can’t wait to give all these presents in my room away and stop spending money on christmas and start spending it on my FG2 :P

I can’t wait to be home. But ironically what I want for Christmas will still be in Japan. Weird isn’t it?

Midterms to be over, so that I can be excited about Christmas.

I can’t wait to NOT celebrate Christmas because I’m Jewish

i can’t wait til i get back home in the Philippines for the holidays!
-spend time with my family..
-meet up and catch up with my bestest friends..
-see my dogs again!
-eat eat eat..
-visit my old church..
-aaanddd just enjoy my time in Manila before getting swamped again with schoolwork..
-aaaannnd wait again til the next time i go back home!

every year, i get spoiled with more christmas gifts than most people see in a lifetime. i’d trade each and every materialistic present under my tree for:
- my mom to be healthy again, no more trips to the hospital
- my dad to stop losing his closest friends to cancer & stroke
- the chance to rebuild my relationship with my father
- another year of improved health for my best friend’s daddy
- strength to continue developing myself into a better friend
- a white and snowy christmas.
merry christmas & happy holidays, everyone. :)

Secret Santa gift exchange!
And no more school for 4 months!

gift exchange.. eggnog.. and spending time with friends and family!

i cant wait for terrorisim to end

all the family get togethers and the warm fuzzy feeling you get during the holidays !

spending time with family and friends. having our annual christmas dinners, taking pictures, enjoying the food, presents, and alcohol

the presents… and to start a new year, with new things.

family reunion & spend the day laughing! for a new job!

Hang out on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my nieces and nephews.

I can’t wait until I can watch episodes for days straight, mindlessly….and to start my fitness endeavours…and to be done with accounting….and to go on vacation…and to bake cookies…and to…………..can I wait?!

Being alone with another man for a change

oh there’s much to look forward to this year…the end of the undergraduate career, time with family and good company, snowboarding(!), catching up with all the other things i haven’t gotten around to doing…oh and…lets look forward to a job too.
pls and thanks Santa.


i can’t wait till it’s over!!
kidding, i’m a believer i love christmas
world peace
merry christmas

and sitting around a warm room with some warm friends feeling warm from liquor while discussing global warming

my one true love (aww, too mushy)

sleeping, friends, skating, snowboarding, new years, reading, hot drinks, checking rosi for my 4.0s, zaiab’s #5, Mr. Ling’s #3

Exams to be over and fly off to China to SHOP and EAT and come back and start workterm!?!!!

And spend some more time with my girlfriend.

the holidays so I can play Xbox 360 with da boyzzzz and get my new games!!

My HP Pavilion dv9500t Laptop. I just ordered it on the 7th, and I can’t wait 15 more days!

I can’t wait to get back to school. Being on work term is a whole new kind of stress. Oddly enough, I am looking forward to getting back to the books and seeing if I can pull all nighters to finish assignments.

I also can’t wait to spend some quality time with family, friends and catch up on sleep.

Exams to be finished and to spend time with family and friends! Oh and also to sleep :)

1) the end of exams
2) party week
3) Socials with the team(s)
4) christmas sleepover with ALL my cousins
5) boxing day
6) the ultimate New Year Bonanza
7) New Years- so pretty!
8) successfully making it atleast half way down my resolutions list

I can’t wait for EXAMS to be done. And then play NBA Live 08, buy a new phone and just relax. :)

Being able to spend hours just jamming on the piano.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Christmas movie marathons!

Finding some Christmas love ;-)…

can’t wait for the second Internet bubble to bust!

I can’t to be done exams, travel and snowboard!

i cant wait for all the essays to be finish so that there will be time to watch movies at the theatres, and play boardgames with friends and family.

J’ai tres hate d’aller au Quebec revoir ma famille et mes amis quebecois! Aussi, d’aller faire du snowboard, voir les enfants les yeux brillants lorsqu’ils recoivent des cadeaux de Noel, aller faire le party quebec-style!

I can’t wait for the world to speak French! ;-)

I can’t wait for exams to be done so that I can party with my friends and finish planning my vacation.

A vacation in the Caribbean.
To all the UTSC people, you can do it! Graduation is just around the corner…believe me.

Not having to commute during rush hour in the snow! To be able to enjoy the holidays without the extra burden of exams and the ability to see my loved ones when they’re at their happiest.

Some much needed time off!

I can’t wait for exams to finish AND celebrate my BIRTHDAY!
The best part of exams finishing is….I dont have to come back to UTSC next semester!!

I can’t wait to relax over the Christmas break, sip on some eggnog, and hopefully get away to somewhere warm. Oh….and to make loads of money online ;)

Getting to spend Christmas day in my brand new house

..the end of exams.. and a new phone!

the next two weeks to end at work. We are so busy that there is not time to think. The holiday break is always a great relaxer!

Exams to finish and for the holidays to finally begin! Unfortunately, my liver isn’t so excited about that. I also can’t wait to see my friends from other universities again.

Also, world domination. (Just kidding! Sorta.)

I can’t wait for my girlfriend to feel sexy again after her knee surgery.

I can’t wait for exams to be over and being 4 finals closer to leaving Waterloo forever…

Can’t wait for christmas?…

In light of the holiday spirit, Satish and I decided to build a simple site that would celebrate all the things everyone is looking forward to come this Christmas.

1. School to be over! Ughh it’s been a tough couple last weeks at school and I need a break.

2. Time to work on client work and WPCandy

3. Eggnog

The largest snowfall ever. Enough to make the world stop, appreciate, and capture the stillness. Enough to forget about deadlines and bills. Enough to make everyone act like a child, even if only for one day.

A biography of Anne Boleyn. Nothing like reading about women with their heads cut off for a nice accent to the holiday!

I can’t wait to see everybody back for the holidays! Enough of these exams and end-of-the-year deadlines - it’s time to kick back and watch the white fluffy stuff come down.

I also can’t wait for the wifi blackberries and for Rogers to get with the crowd and offer affordable data plans! :P

Facebook to take the “is” out of my status update, or for the iPhone to hit Canada, or for Zune ads to make sense, or for one of my blog posts to make Techmeme.

I can’t wait till exams are over…so I can finally be normal again. I don’t really have a set list of things I want, but a nice job would be good for the new year ;)

I can’t wait for my exams to be over, because only then will I EVER be able to enjoy Christmas coming. And when it does come, oh boy when it comes…. I can’t wait for some HIDs in my car, a new Zune, some Xbox 360 games, and a new coat.